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We help and advise on the selection and purchase of photovoltaics for companies. For many companies in Poland, cheap energy from the sun has become a chance to save money and in the long run to increase profits! If you are looking for a way to create energy in a modern and environmentally friendly way, we invite you to contact us. We will help you choose the right product, tailored to your business and financial capabilities.

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Using solar energy, you do not have to worry about rising electricity prices. Energy is generated exclusively by photovoltaic installations. Using them means reducing the cost of energy use by up to 60%!


Give a sign to your customers that your company is not only modern, but also green. By using clean energy sources, you are building the image of an entrepreneur who cares not only about his future, but also about the future of other people.

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Favorable legal changes for companies

RES is especially good for companies. We've put together the pros of having a photovoltaic installation at a company in three simple points.

RES and prosumers

In addition, an amendment to the RES Act expanded the definition of a prosumer. In practice, this means that starting in 2019, small and medium-sized companies for which the generation of energy from solar panels is not the predominant part of the business can also benefit from several favorable solutions.

Storage of surplus energy

companies can store energy surpluses and use them during periods of reduced production. In addition, simplified billing procedures have been prepared for small and medium-sized companies: no additional invoices or bills.

Responsibilities of the power utility

The Law on Renewable Energy Sources has introduced provisions that require the power utility to buy back from the entrepreneur the surplus energy generated by solar (solar) panels. The cost of connecting the installation to the grid is paid by the utility.

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