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Most air-conditioning users have seen how effective and at the same time economical modern air conditioners for home use can be.
Despite appearances, air-conditioning systems have become very accessible over the past few years.
The technology of making cooling devices has been optimized to the point where practically everyone can afford such a system in their apartment or house.
Comfort during hot days affects our well-being.
Lowering the room temperature on hot days increases our concentration and allows us to rest despite the heat outside the windows of our home.

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Air conditioning is not that expensive. AC is now affordable. Simply pick your AC device.


We know which manufacturers design accurate air conditioners. They provide multitude of features.

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It is our duty to support you on every step. Select, install and live aftersales support.

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Use the services of Bau-Technik and install an air conditioning system in your home.
Cooling technology significantly increase daily comfort.
Residential thermomodernization and support in the selection of cooling technology.
We have years of experience in installing cooling systems in homes and businesses.
For more information, feel free to contact refrigeration systems experts.

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