Thermographic Inspections by drone

Professional drone services

We perform specialized visual and thermal imaging inspections using a professional unmanned aerial vehicle (drone).
If you have a facility that requires such an inspection and you want to do it quickly, safely and professionally – this service is for you.
Don’t risk the life and health of yourself and your employees.

Thermal imaging inspections of buildings

Save on heating

Unfortunately, escaping heat from the house is not visible to the human eye. Fortunately, with the eye of a thermal imaging camera it is. Infrared radiation accurately identifies where precious heat is escaping from a building.

A thermal imaging camera sees what the human eye cannot see, namely infrared radiation. Thanks to this, you can quickly see if our installation is working properly. A thermal imaging inspection will show whether the panels on our roof are free of manufacturing defects, damage, hot spots or whether the installation has been properly connected. All these factors affect the efficiency and amount of energy produced by the panels.

A thermal imaging survey allows you to check:

Thermal bridges

Errors in insulation


Insulation of foundations

Correctness installation and insulation of windows, doors or garage doors

Thermal bridges when chimney is mistreated

Other imperfections

Garage door leakage

audyt termowizyjny dronem
inspekcja termowizyjna dronem

Detected thermal bridge between rim and masonry beam

usługi termowizyjne dronem
usługa termowizyjna dron

Worth knowing

Thermal imaging inspections by drone happen to detect shortcomings of the construction team involved in building the structure, insulating the building or painting the window and door frames.
Such a thermal imaging inspection becomes the basis for a complaint claim.

The drone we use

A skilled team needs truly expert equipment for their work. The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is an industrial drone for special tasks. It has already performed more than 1,000 thermal imaging inspections for us.

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