Every year there is more and more talk about ecology in Poland. As awareness of caring for the environment grows, so does interest in Renewable Energy Sources. One of the installations increasingly used in homes or businesses, are photovoltaic panels. There is quite a lot of talk about photovoltaics, but not everyone knows that owners of such installations are sometimes called prosumers. What does this name mean and who can become a prosumer?

Who is a prosumer?

The word prosumer comes from the English language and combines two other words, namely producer and consumer. In practice, it means that such a person is involved both in the production process of a particular product and in its consumption. The term “prosumer” is often used to refer to people who have decided to install photovoltaic panels. In this regard, a detailed definition of the word is provided by the RES Act . We learn from it that a prosumer is a person who generates energy from renewable sources for his or her own use, whereby he or she can additionally store it and transfer any surplus to the power grid.

Who can become a prosumer and is it worth it?

We can list several cases in which one can become a prosumer. This applies primarily to individuals and those who are engaged in business activities. However, in the latter case, it is important that the energy generated is for needs that are not related to the business. Housing communities and cooperatives, churches, religious associations and local government units can also become prosumers.The last case is for people who are engaged in orchard, fishing, livestock farming or a farm. However, in this case it is important that the activity carried out is not covered by the Law of July 2, 2004 on freedom of economic activity. The status of photovoltaic prosumer is very profitable. Its advantage is favorable billing with the power utility. In addition to the extremely important environmental benefits, people who decide to installation of photovoltaic panels , they can also save a lot of money. Such an installation significantly reduces the costs associated with electricity compared to those to be paid by having a traditional installation. In addition, the production of electricity for your own needs also allows you to gain a sense of independence.

Examples of photovoltaic implementations

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