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We are a Jarocin-based company that specializes in providing photovoltaic services for businesses, industrial plants and single-family homes. We carry out the installation of installations and advise which solutions will best suit the form of your business. We have more than 10 years of experience in the Polish and foreign markets, mainly Western Europe.

Zero-energy house

We make investments for clients who want to keep up with the times. Keep the energy balance and put the installation of technology in good hands.

Technology selection

It is not so obvious which solution is a good one for your investment. We choose rational RES solutions, ready for what the future will bring.

Energy management

How we operate energy will benefit us more or less. From the very beginning, we need to know what the plans are for the development of the farm or company.

customers in number


It has not been known since how important experience is in this industry. Bau-Technik is a group of selected people who form an incredible team, brand, quality.

A modern approach

We have already seen for a long time the importance of looking to the future and adjusting investments under it.

Efficient implementation

Together with the management team, we are able to deliver to the market more and faster, while maintaining high quality.

Success in the industry

Our services are used by large state-owned enterprises, private companies, as well as private investors who insist on high standards.

we cooperate with the best

Several brands that have been inspiring our trust and that of our clients for years.

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