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We comprehensively implement the installation of photovoltaic systems for businesses and single-family homes. We will advise which solutions will best suit the form of your business, design the installation and arrange all the formalities. We have more than 10 years of experience in the Polish and German markets.

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Heat pumps

Heat pumps and air conditioners

Heat pumps are an increasingly popular way to heat homes and domestic water. Their great advantage is economy and ecology. Our professionals provide precise selection of power and type of device, tailored to your individual needs. We will also help you obtain a grant from the "Clean Air" program to make your investment pay off even faster.

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We also function as a store and wholesaler. We supply photovoltaic panels, inverters, structures and other necessary components needed to build a photovoltaic installation. We supply installation companies, as well as individual customers. We have proven products from the world's top brands. Contact us and our specialists will be happy to advise you on your purchases.

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Electric vehicle charging stations

Charge your car at your home

Infrastructure for electromobility

We also install charging stations for electric and hybrid cars. We offer state-of-the-art chargers of the world's best brands, which will make charging your vehicle not only very easy but also fast and safe.

Industrial roofing

Bau-Technik provides industrial roofing services for private and commercial industries. Our work is all about precision and details for all kind of roofs, includin industrial plants, warehouses, office buildings, etc. Our professionals cover roofs with thermal paper, PVC and FPO membranes. We employ roofers and foremen with experience to quickly provide any roof project and propose the best solutions to increase safety inside the building.

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International photovoltaics services

Bau-Technik has developed its reach starting from Polish market. Now we provide photovoltaic technology throughout Europe. We use the latest technology, drones that perform thermal imaging audits, efficient photovoltaic panels and integrations that allow you to fully enjoy the energy from the sun’s rays. We will invite, select the technology and install. 360 service from A to Z.