Solar collectors differ from PV modules primarily in the type of energy they produce. Collectors convert solar energy into thermal energy, while photovoltaic modules are used to convert solar energy into electricity.

When introducing our offer to customers, we emphasize that the principles of operation on which the two installations are based are significantly different. In solar collectors, radiation is captured using the surface of the absorber, through which the heat carrier heats up. PV modules use the photovoltaic effect for their operation. It relies on the formation of electromotive force due to solar radiation. In this way, direct current is generated.

Which option is better?

Since the two solutions provide different benefits, it is worth matching them to your own individual needs and choosing the more favorable option. Solar collectors are particularly attractive to anyone who cares especially about the preparation of hot water. In the period from spring to autumn, such a solar installation will cover most of the demand.

Even in the colder months, collectors will be very useful. By heating the water, even if only to 20 degrees Celsius, they will make the boiler have to use less fuel to give the water an even higher temperature. For users of solid fuel boilers, solar collectors will not only be an economical, but also an ecological solution. The most popular boilers most often operate in the summer in the heat maintenance mode, in which they emit particularly high levels of pollutants and consume excessive amounts of fuel for a combustion process far from optimal. Solar collectors avoid this situation by freeing the boiler from summer operation.

When considering the choice of PV modules, it is important to remember that their greatest advantage is their versatility. Photovoltaic batteries allow you to obtain electricity that can be used for lighting, powering household appliances, heating or preparing hot water. Thus, they will suit a broader group of interested parties, in whom different needs prevail. More often, they will also be adaptable to different installation conditions.


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