Jarocin and photovoltaic investments in the city

Photovoltaics in Jarocin

RES and PV in Jarocin

Energy reduction is a taboo subject in many small and medium-sized Polish cities. Jarocin has been developing its infrastructure into modern technologies and renewable energy sources, thus becoming an energy-independent city. Ecology and environmental friendliness - it is visible to the naked eye.


One of the mainstream RES that small, medium and large companies in Jarocin are betting on.


The city's residents and entrepreneurs have benefited from hundreds of thousands of development grants.


Reducing energy costs has changed dimensions as a result of economic changes in Europe. Companies operating in Jarocin are prepared for such circumstances.


MWh in photovoltaic installations

Residents of Jarocin, have benefited in a big way from subsidies for photovoltaics. Given rising electricity prices, prosumers have prepared their homes for tougher, volatile times. However, let's remember that an important element is what companies do.

B2B investments in photovoltaics

Photovoltaic panels and many MWh come from photovoltaics in Jarocin, located in large and medium-sized enterprises. We have carried out dozens of successful PV transformations for companies in and around Jarocin.

Prosumers of Jarocin

Many roofs of single-family houses in Jarocin have photovoltaic panels installed by Bau-Technik. They are also definitely relieving the burden on the infrastructure of power suppliers in the city.

Projects for the city

In pursuit of energy independence, we have managed to design dozens of photovoltaic farms, Wielkopolska Recycling Center.

Enter to collaborate

We are well aware of the process of transforming businesses and homes into energy-independent infrastructures. Jarocin has put on Bau-Technik for things like:

Galeria Jarocińska z instalacją fotowoltaiczną na dachu
Komercyjne instalacje fotowoltaiczne

w Jarocinie

jarocińska farma fotowoltaiki
PV i OZE w Jarocinie
instalacja fotowoltaiczna Jarocin ZGO
Fotwoltaika Jarocin
fotowoltaika na dachu

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