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Photovoltaic panels

We offer you photovoltaic panels from well-known manufacturers such as JaSolar and AstronErgy. Our cells guarantee a high level of energy efficiency, so they will be an excellent choice for both single-family homeowners and businesses.

What types of photovoltaic panels should I choose?

What technology we install depends on the size and performance of the RES/PV investment.

First-generation photovoltaic panels

This group includes the so-called. Thick-film panels, which are made of small silicon crystals. The popularity of these panels is growing steadily, among others. due to their high efficiency, which can range from 17 to 20%.

Photovoltaic panels  second generation

Panels constructed from so-called. Amorphous silicon, which is thinner than traditional silicon, but is also much cheaper than it. Generation II panels guarantee an efficiency of 10-15%.

Photovoltaic panels  third generation

Probably the best compromise between quality and price. Their efficiency is roughly 12%. In addition, third-generation cells are extremely cheap.

Does it pay to install photovoltaic panels?

Photovoltaic panels are widely considered a good alternative to drawing power from a power plant. In our country, more and more such installations are appearing on the roofs of homes and businesses. What makes people increasingly opt for such an investment? The panels are a long-term investment that pays for itself a few years after the installation is purchased. To illustrate to you how this works, we will use the following example: From the 5,000 kW of electricity produced, at a fee of 65 cents per kW of power, roughly 2,500 zlotys can be saved annually. It is often the case that such a large amount of energy is not needed to power the entire house, so the excess energy can be discharged to the grid. If necessary, it can be taken back (80% of the drained surplus) at no cost. Ultimately, a full return on investment can be expected after just 5-8 years. If you use the panels for 20 years, you can save up to 25,000.


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installations per month


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What is a photovoltaic module?

A photovoltaic module consists of interconnected photovoltaic cells. Modules arranged in series form a photovoltaic panel. Due to their small size (compared to panels) and affordable prices, the modules are often mounted on caravans, on road signs or on small tourist vehicles such as water streetcars. If you do not need large photovoltaic panels, we recommend purchasing individual modules. The market price of one product is approx. 550 zloty. We offer modules and small, portable photovoltaic cells.

Professionalism of each PV installation

Bau-Technik’s team of experts installed their first installations back in early 2010. A combination of roofing, electrical installation and construction skills, we can select, design and install PV systems with consumer and commercial performance. Bet on professionalism, choose Bau-Technik.


Our installations

No better proof than the realizations we have finalized in recent months.


Installation No.1

Her eyebrows were a shade darker than her hair. They were thick and almost horizontal, emphasizing the depth of her eyes.


Installation No.2

Her eyebrows were a shade darker than her hair. They were thick and almost horizontal, emphasizing the depth of her eyes.


PV Farm No.3

Her eyebrows were a shade darker than her hair. They were thick and almost horizontal, emphasizing the depth of her eyes.

They trusted us

A few words from our customers. It is feedback such as this that warms us up to continue our work.

elementor team
Private investor
Hanna Gert

For a long time, I wondered whether to take advantage of the subsidy for photovoltaics. The Bau-Technik team took care of every detail, including professional installation and implementation.

Commercial investor
Alica Sniker

I opted for Bau-Technik because of its seamlessness from the first contact. The staff guided us through the entire process, selected PV installation components and completed our system in a timely manner.

Business owner
Robert Gomera

Her eyebrows were a shade darker than her hair. They were thick and almost horizontal, emphasizing the depth of her eyes.


We specialize in photovoltaic, roofing services. We perform installations for businesses, private investments and homes. We also have a wholesaler of photovoltaic products.

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