Professional roofing services


We are engaged in the implementation of roofing projects.
We perform work on the roofs of industrial plants, office buildings, residential buildings and warehouses. Bau-Technic provides comprehensive execution of any roofing project.
If you are looking for roofing or roof repair, feel free contact us.
Our team consists of professional roofers who quickly assess the roof condition and propose the best solutions to increase safety inside your building.

What can we do for you?

- Roofing with sheet metal, membrane or roofing felt
- Making vapor barrier and thermal insulation
- Roofing services on flat roofs
- Sheathing repair
- Installation of ventilation
- Installation of photovoltaic panels
- Professional advice on the best solutions

Experience in working with materials

Roofing services

Commercial roof maintenance

Renovation and maintenance of roof coatings for commercial and residential buildings.

Roof sealing

Roof is what needs a regular attention. Their tightness depends on many factors. Our team knows how to do it best.

Renovation and roofing felt application

Quality and attention to details when performing renovation services and applying roofing felt.

Professional thermal insulation

Proven roof coatings from the best companies, installed by professional roofers.

Countries where we perform services

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Increase roof strength

The roof is one of the most important elements of a building.
Its task is to protect the interior spaces from the weather.
However, some types of roofs are able to withstand much less load than others.
What influences this?

Types of roofing materials

Waterproofing coatings are used to create an airtight covering. They usually have a width of approx. 2,1 m. The joining element is very important here. Hot air emitted with hand welders or automatic welding machines is used for this. The result is a tight seam. Its quality is affected by several factors:

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Roof sheathing

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of roofing and will help you choose the most durable roofing to match the roof pitch.

Our quality providers

Consultation, advice and implementation of roofing services

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