Photovoltaic installation for
Recycling Center in Greater Poland

Photovoltaics on WCR roof

The photovoltaic farm was built on a reclaimed landfill site. It is the first such installation in Greater Poland and the largest in the Jarocin municipality. The quadrant on which the farm was built was closed in 2014. It was subjected to reclamation, i.e. special agro-technical treatments to properly protect the waste deposited in it. According to current regulations, no building structures can be erected in the area after the closure of the landfill for 50 years. However, there are no contraindications to erecting a photovoltaic installation there. The surface area of the crown of the quaternary is 0.8 hectares. This is our second realization for the Wielkopolska Recycling Center in Jarocin.


Business data

Investment details

Installation power: 867 kW
Number of PV modules: 1930 pcs.
Counterweight blocks: 8360 pcs.
Solar tables: 965 pcs.
Inverters: 8 pcs.
Cable length: 8 km
Date: June 2022

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