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Subsidies for photovoltaics

We help you get financing

We assist clients when applying for photovoltaic subsidies. We understand that this kind of investment is not cheap, so we advise you on how to write it off on your taxes and which programs to use to get a subsidy.

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We start with the formalities. Gather the necessary knowledge and needs, pouring them into an application for funding.


A team of experts will come to install the financed project with accordance to any detail listed in the documentation.


This is the moment when our customer enjoys the savings. Already in the first few weeks!

Funding programs

The program is designed for prosumers, i.e. individuals who generate electricity for their own needs and have a comprehensive contract with the utility. The photovoltaic installation must be between 2kW and 10kW. Unfortunately, the subsidy is not available for the expansion of the installation.

Thoughtful designs

You will not overpay, and there will be no form over substance. We will tailor photovoltaic installations to your needs.


We have done it many times before, we will do it for you too. We know how grueling the administrative process associated with PV is.

Convenient timing

We adapt to customer's needs.

Necessary documents

A copy of the invoice for the supply and installation of the PV system, proof of payment of the invoice/statement of payment made, a certificate from the Distribution Grid Operator confirming the date of connection of the PV system to the grid with the number of the Power Point where it was installed. Power of attorney - if the application is submitted on behalf of an individual applying for funding.

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The subsidy is exempt from PIT. Costs of investments that are not covered by support can be deducted from tax (thermal modernization relief) Funds for the "My Electricity" program come from EU Funds. As a result, there was a need to post information about the grant awarded. It will be a plate with a fixed design and minimum dimensions (at least the size of an A4 sheet of paper). The investor will be required to place a plaque at the location of the investment. It can be a fence or a building.

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Consulting, advising and implementing PV projects

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