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Photovoltaics for agriculture

Photovoltaics in agriculture

Efficient agriculture involves using as much farmland as possible. Investing in photovoltaics for farmers allows you to increase not only savings, but also profits from your land. Our company will help you choose solutions that are efficient and safe for crops and livestock.


To install photovoltaics, you don't have to give up agricultural land. Most of the panels we offer can be easily and quickly installed on areas that are usually difficult to develop, such as. On the roofs of farm buildings, such as stables or barns.


Investing in solar energy entails the possibility of deducting 25% of the value of the project from agricultural taxes. In addition, the farmer can use the surplus generated by his photovoltaic installation during times of increased production. The surplus is stored in the power grid, but no complicated procedures need to be completed to use it.


How to finance the purchase of investments?

Special subsidies for farms

Subsidies - there are several programs that support farmers' investment in photovoltaics. One of them is "AgroEnergia". Thanks to it, a farm owner can get a subsidy of up to 40% of the qualifying costs of the investment!

Dedicated grant programs

Loan - participation in the "AgroEnergy" program also guarantees the possibility of taking advantage of a loan granted on preferential terms. Its amount, depending on the fulfillment of selected conditions, can range from 200 thousand to 2 million. The loan period can be spread over 15 years.

Leasing for farms

Leasing - under this form of financing, the purchase of the photovoltaic installation is handled by an external entity. The farmer rents it and pays a monthly installment on the lease.

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