Green energy sources are, in other words, renewable energy sources. Currently, mankind mainly uses non-renewable sources, that is, sources that will simply run out in the near future. These mainly include fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, oil and uranium. The biggest problem for people, however, is not the fact that fossil fuels may soon run out, but the fact that their extraction and combustion has a fatal impact on the environment, and thus on our health. That’s why they have begun to bet on green, renewable energy sources.

– Renewable energy sources are the future, and they are happening right now

Availability of various RES

Despite appearances, renewable energy sources are plentiful. These include solar, wind, rivers, tides, and closed-cycle nuclear power, among others. To these should be added heat extracted from the ground, i.e. geothermal energy, heat from the air, water and the combustion of biomass and biogas. Although energy from the sun or the earth is free, until a few decades ago, equipment for obtaining it was unpopular and very expensive. In this century, however, the governments of many countries realized the scale of the pollution problem and a real boom in investment in such projects began. The prices of the devices dropped significantly and became available to the average owner of a single-family home. It turned out that investment in RES pays off for individuals, as well as for companies, due to drastically decreasing energy bills. The development of renewable energy technologies thus began to grow exponentially.

Green energy for the home

More and more newly built houses are being designed to use renewable energy sources rather than traditional solutions. Driving through Poland, we increasingly see on the roofs of houses photovoltaic panels , which extract energy from the sun’s rays. For home heating, the popular choice is heat pump , which “pumps” heat from the ground or air into the interior of the house – the device heats the house even when temperatures outside drop below zero! We are also seeing modern windmills in the grasslands, obtaining energy from the wind, and more and more countries are choosing to build a nuclear power plant. In 2018, already 11% of humanity’s energy needs were being met in renewable energy sources. We can be sure that this number will increase every year.

Our Recent Photovoltaic Projects

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